Steven Hill advises civic, business and governmental organizations on their plans for future development. He combines historical knowledge with current events and future projections to give clients a realistic assessment of how to achieve their goals.

Mr. Hill also may be commissioned to research and write “white papers” on a range of topics related to political economy, trans-Atlantic and global relations, energy and transportation, political reform and more.

Recent projects and clients:

New America Foundation, “New Economy, New Social Contract: A Plan for a Safety Net In a Multiemployer World”

New America Foundation, “Expanded Social Security: A  Plan to Increase Retirement Security for All Americans”

Bureau of Business and Economic Research, University of New Mexico; and Department of Cultural Affairs, State of New Mexico

Secure Retirement for All Americans:  Guaranteeing the American Dream through Expanded Social Security” (report published here by the New America Foundation)

Implementation of Ranked Choice Voting in Oakland, CA (a FairVote project)

Ranked Choice Voting in San Francisco (a FairVote project)

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