My new book released: “10 Steps to Repair American Democracy, 2012 Election Edition”

Just in time for the 2012 presidential and congressional elections, my new book has been published, 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy, 2012 Election Edition. Find out more info at

10 Steps features a provocative foreword by the New Yorker’s Hendrik Hertzberg. As 10 Steps shows, America’s recent economic collapse was preceded by a longstanding political collapse. The antiquated US political system finds itself plagued by partisan polarization, a rigidly divided Congress, superficial debate, and paralysis in the face of new global challenges. Even before the economic crisis, the US was beset by choiceless elections, out-of-control campaign spending, a filibuster-gone-wild U.S. Senate, mindless corporate media and enfeebled public broadcasting, even a partisan Supreme Court. Americans are growing increasingly frustrated and tuned out, as the middle collapses and the partisans take over. 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy: A More Perfect Union confronts the many minefields built into our political system. In this solutions-oriented work, political critic Steven Hill proposes bold reforms and renews his 10-step program to repair American democracy. It’s your one-stop shopping guide to political reform in the USA. It will change the way you think about American politics.

“We are fortunate to have Steven Hill’s latest book, 10 Steps to Repair American Democracy, to help us find our political compass. He identifies ten critical problems with our democracy and offers concrete solutions to each one. 10 Steps is a blueprint for a reinvigoration of our republic.”
   Hendrik HertzbergThe New Yorker, from the Foreword

“Steven Hill’s new book is as practical as it is insightful, offering innovative ways to fix our broken political system. It’s an inspiring blueprint for reclaiming America. Read it, roll up your sleeves, and get to work.”  —Arianna Huffington, columnist and bestselling author of Third World America

10 Steps to Repair American Democracy is a terrific book, a much-needed owner’s manual for the citizen-owners of government in the United States.”  Michael Lind, author of The Next American Nation

“We know that American democracy is being run over a cliff—choiceless elections, screwy voting machines, brain-dead political debate, unresponsive government, etc. What’s a citizen to do? Here, finally, is the plan.”  —Jim Hightower, columnist and author of Swim against the Current

The publisher is Paradigm Press. Purchase it at your local bookstore or on Amazon or other online retailers.

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