Tag: Bush v Gore

  • The Red Mirage

    By Steven Hill, The Globalist, October 13, 2020

    What happens if Trump declares victory on election night, and tries to dispute any “late” uncounted ballots — both in the courts and in the free-for-all of public opinion?

    So imagine this Nightmare Scenario: With so many more Biden supporters voting by mail in a close election, it is likely President Trump will be ahead on election night, based on partial returns in a number of battleground states (a scenario that has been called “a red mirage”).…

  • How to Avoid Banana Republic Elections

    By Steven Hill, Common Dreams, October 4, 2020

    However this election turns out, a bipartisan effort should be mounted to make voting more efficient and secure.

    Is the US about to hold another banana republic election? The ghosts of 2000, hanging chads and Bush v. Gore are rapping loudly at the door.…